Remembering With Roses
Choker Necklace & Bracelet

Choker Necklace & Bracelet

Choker necklace and matching bracelet.  3mm to 6mm pearls with roses in center.  Can puchase seperately or as a set!

The Rosary

The Rosary

53 Rose Petal Beads with Pearl or Silver Our Father Beads.

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Our Story

Made from the petals of REAL Roses.

I started this business after the passing of my father.  He had roses throughout his backyard and I decided to take those petals in hopes of making some sort of keepsake from them.  After working with the roses, I discovered a recipe to mix with the petals that would help me form a paste.  From this paste, I was able to create beads that would last a lifetime.  I later found that I could use fresh or dried roses and began making keepsake items from funeral arrangements, or from wedding or graduation bouquets.

The beads turn very dark in color, almost black, but are very beautiful with silver and gold.  The beads can be used to make bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rosaries or any other type keepsake we can come up with.  I work with my customers to try and personalize pieces.  For example, adding a charm or initials, or even adding some beads from their own jewelry or a loved one's pieces.  I try to find something for everyones' style and budget.  

Most people are grieving when they bring me their roses, and this is a way to help that.

Anne Slawinski

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How do I send the roses?
Wrap them in a paper towel & mail them as you would any package to:

Remembering With Roses

409 Blankenbaker Lane

Louisville, KY 40207
Phone: (502) 550-0155

How many roses do I need?
6-8 for Full Rosary
, 2-3 for Chaplets
, and 2-3 for bracelets, necklaces earrings, keychains & keepsakes.

Do the roses need to be fresh?
No I can do them fresh or dried

How long does it take?
Turn around time is usually 2-4 weeks

Will the roses break or crumble?
No after the process, your beads will last a lifetime

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