Remembering With Roses

Black & Gold Swarovski Arm Bracelet

Bracelet with gold toggle.
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How do I send the roses?
Wrap them in a paper towel & mail them as you would any package to:

Remembering With Roses

409 Blankenbaker Lane

Louisville, KY 40207
Phone: (502) 550-0155

How many roses do I need?
6-8 for Full Rosary
, 2-3 for Chaplets
, and 2-3 for bracelets, necklaces earrings, keychains & keepsakes.

Do the roses need to be fresh?
No I can do them fresh or dried

How long does it take?
Turn around time is usually 2-4 weeks

Will the roses break or crumble?
No after the process, your beads will last a lifetime

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