How many Roses Do I Need?

I usually get a few rose beads out of each rose.... 1-2 ROSES will make bracelet.. Don’t worry!  We can adjust the style a bit if you don’t have enough!

Do the ROSES have to be dried?

Nope...Fresh or dried will work....Don’t let them get mildewed so NO PLASTICE BAGS!

How long does it take?

Normal turn around time 3-4 weeks

Can you keep the Color?

Yes!!    If you want clay mixed in with your roses petals, we can keep the color...Colors will vary!  Otherwise Rose Beads will be dark or almost black  Very pretty with silver and gold accents

Where do I send my order?

Remembering With Roses. 

409 Blankenbaker Lane

Louisville, Ky. 40207

I work from home so:

Call or text for appointment or any other questions